Log Rolling's Road to Olympic Status, Part 1

When we launched Key Log Rolling® in 2011, we were confident about two things: 1) the historic sport had the right stuff to become a nationally and internationally-recognized Olympic sport, and 2) the main thing holding the sport back back was “the log, stupid”.  Heavy red cedar logs were/are difficult to source, challenging to move, and expensive to transport.  Due to agricultural restrictions, it’s almost impossible to ship raw logs across national bor

Can Texas be a powerhouse in Log Rolling?!

Maybe some day!   For over a century, log rolling has been a regionalized sport, enjoyed by a small group of enthusiasts residing in the northern sectors of North America where the sport originated. It has enjoyed the benefits of an organized world championships since 1926 but as every world log rolling champion will admit, that world is very small.  

Log Rolling: A Historical Water Sport for Lake Homes & Resorts

The same year that we launched Key Log Rolling®, our famly moved to a cabin on Little Spider Lake in Hayward, Wisconsin.  It was a homecoming of sorts, back to a lakes region with many memories for generations of the Scheer-Hoeschler family.  My grandparents were early resort pioneers, coming to the area in the early 1920s, shortly after the lumberjacks had cleared the great white pine forests. 

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