The Key Log

The Key Log® is the brainchild of our team of world champion log rollers, experienced teachers-coaches, and innovative engineers. The Key Log weighs only sixty-five (65) pounds, making it easy to transport, maintain, and store. The Key Log can be easily moved by one person and carried on a car roof rack.

When you arrive to your water destination, "Just Add Water" and Key Log's patent-pending baffled system re-creates the density required for the Key Log® to float, spin, and react just like a traditional wood log.

The Key Log Trainers® 

The Key Log Trainers™ are accessories, designed to slow and stabilize the Key Log. They provide resistance and limit the speed of the spin giving beginners just enough time to catch their balance and learn faster. Think of them as strap-on training wheels. The results are truly unbelievable. They are a game-changer because they allow beginners to see early success, resulting in FUN and FITNESS on day one!

You can roll with three Trainers, or none! Simply wrap them around the Key Log and cinch them down with the accompanying straps. You will achieve varying levels of resistance by using none, one, two, or three's like four Key Logs in one!

Additional features of the Key Log:

  • Constructed of recyclable High-Density Polyethylene, with a high density polystyrene foam internal baffle system
  • Highly durable - will not rot or mold. Key Logs can be left in the water without becoming waterlogged.
  • Built-in traction surface - barefoot friendly, but great with aquatic shoes with grippy soles.
  • Keyless caps on fill ports - tethered to the Key Log so you won't lose them.
  • Fastening loop to secure to dock or pool deck.
  • Made in the USA.

The Key Log can ship right to your doorstep.  Shipping to most locations in the United States will typically range from approximately $185-220 for one Key Log and Trainer set. Additional Key Logs in the same shipment generally increase the cost by around $50.  Shipping to all areas is subject to current freight rates and may change from time to time.  Shipping to Canada and non-continental United States locations is also possible, please contact us to discuss options and pricing!



The Key Log


Product Details

Weight 65 pounds
Length 11'8”
Diameter 15"
Traction Our originally-designed traction surface is integrated into the material of the log itself. That means no extra weight, and no maintenance.
Price $2,150

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