Start a Program

Starting a log rolling program is a fun way to introduce something new to your community. And with the Key Log, it’s now easier than ever! 

Log rolling is a proven programming option for any aquatic facility, whether indoors or outdoors. Many kids go directly from 'learn to swim' classes into 'learn to log roll' classes. And there are numerous opportunities for log rolling teams and tournament development, and family and birthday party rentals. At Key Log Rolling, we have successfully started log rolling programs at YWCA/YMCAs, City Park & Recs, aquatic facilities, universities, colleges, and schools. The steps to begin are easy!

  • Find a location - most aquatic facilities would love to have new programming. Choose the facility that has the most enthusiastic and supportive aquatics director. 
  • Make an appointment with the aquatics director and staff member to share information about programming and purchasing a Key Log.
  • Schedule a Key Log Rolling Staff/Teacher Training Session.
  • Structure log rolling classes — There are several ways to design and conduct classes. We advise sixty (60) minute classes, once or twice a week. You can combine youth, adult or family classes. Once your program grows, it’s a good idea to designate beginner, intermediate, and advanced class times.
  • Schedule a tournament and tap into the fun world of competitive log rolling.
  • Be the Pied Piper of Key Log Rolling in your community. You will enjoy the sense of accomplishment and the rewards of teaching others. And, everyone will be talking about the log rolling program that you brought to town!'
Log Rolling Renaissance