University of Washington is Log Rolling Again!

This has been hoped for and now it's a reality!  The University of Washington, Seattle, has joined the collegiate LOG ROLLING community, thanks to the staff at UW Recreation and the accessiblity of the portable Key Log®!

Washington has some strong log rolling history but the difficulty of sourcing and moving heavy wood logs has relegated the sport to the photo archives at the university library. But portable Key Logs® have given campus rec programs everywhere access to the

Posted 5 January 2017

Hall of Fame Aquatics Coach Joins Key Log Rolling

Minneapolis, MN - Key Log Rolling ( is happy to announce that Emily Ward has joined the company as Director of National Sales and Program Development. Ms. Ward comes with a wealth of experience within the aquatics and education fields, including a 34-year career as a Hall of Fame swimming coach at the University of Buffalo; Program Director in Education Services at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); and most recently as Program

Posted 31 October 2016

Blue Ox Log Rolling Club

At Key Log Rolling, we're confident that the technological advancement of the portable Key Log® will open up opportunities and allow people to dream bigger about what the sport could be including an Olympic sport.

Sarah Beron, a middle school math teacher from Minnesota, has just confirmed our belief by starting the first private log rolling school using Key Logs.  Blue Ox Log Rolling, LLC is located in Victoria, Minnesota, near Minneapolis.  Here's her inspirational story!

Posted 22 June 2016

"The Log Rolling Contest" Omaha, Nebraska, 1898

The first unofficial world log rolling contest was held Sept 9, 1898 at the Trans Missisippi Exposition in Omaha, Nebraska. The first champion was Tom Fleming of Eau Claire Wisconsin, a skilled log driver on the Chippewa River, home of the greatest virgin white pine forests on earth.

The following account of the contest appeared in the September 17, 1898 issue of the Northwestern Lumbermen under the title "The Logrolling Contest". 

"It even made the crowd feel chilled

Posted 21 June 2016

Dear Abby, Congrats! Love, Mom

Dear Abby, 

No, I’m not looking for advice… I’m just writing to congratulate you on being a member of the 2016 Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal “Women in Business” honorees!  As your co-worker and mom, I know how deserving you are of this award.

I”m sorry that you were unable to attend the awards ceremony but I was happy to accept in your absence. Noontime mimosas and deliclous food fueled the happy atmosphere of so many talented, energetic, and supportive women who were

Posted 28 May 2016

Celebrating 5 Years & 500 Key Logs

Five years ago, Key Log Rolling® president, Abby Hoeschler, was cross-country skiing with her dad, Jay, when they crossed paths with two men on the Birkie ski trail in Hayward, Wisconsin.  "It was a random meeting on a ski trail,"  laughed Abby, "but it proved to be one of those moments you never forget.”

The Hoeschlers were in the beginning stages of creating a synthetic log rolling product to grow the sport, an idea envisioned by Judy Scheer Hoeschler, Abby’s mom and Jay’s

Posted 27 February 2016

Minneapolis Log Rolling Club Launches First Tournament

The Minneapolis Log Rolling Club (MLRC) is only six months old but it’s already jumping feet first into hosting its first log rolling tournament. The 1st Annual Twin Cities Indoor Open will be staged on March 13th at the Eden Prairie Community Center, featuring beginning and intermediate regional log rollers.

The club was formed by a group of citizens who learned to roll via Key Log Rolling® classes at the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. Log rolling is a little addictive and

Posted 10 February 2016

Log Rolling's Road to Olympic Status, Part 1

When we launched Key Log Rolling® in 2011, we were confident about two things: 1) the historic sport had the right stuff to become a nationally and internationally-recognized Olympic sport, and 2) the main thing holding the sport back back was “the log, stupid”.  Heavy red cedar logs were/are difficult to source, challenging to move, and expensive to transport.  Due to agricultural restrictions, it’s almost impossible to ship raw logs across national borders. It was clear that the world

Posted 22 January 2016

Minnesota Kids are Learning to LOG ROLL at School!

According to the Tall Tales of Paul Bunyan, the legendary giant logger was born somewhere in the forests of French-Canada. But as every school child knows, Paul grew up in Minnesota!  

Paul was a world-renowned timber sport athlete (AKA lumberjack) who cleared entire pine forests with just one swing of his axe.  His real estate development skills were equally strong as he created the 10,000 Lakes of Minnesota by merely hiking through the woods with his big feet.  


Posted 16 November 2015

I'm a Log Rolling Park and Rec Kid!

I grew up in a small Wisconsin city, on the banks of the Mississippi River. I learned to ice skate and play tennis, thanks to the City of La Crosse’s Park and Recreation programming.  I also played in soccer leagues on Saturday mornings and my biggest source of pride at seven years old was playing the short stop position in softball one summer.  

As a teenager, I helped my mom, Judy Scheer Hoeschler, organize and operate the first Park and Rec log rolling classes in the nation. She

Posted 31 October 2015